About Us


History & About

Founded in 1995, Austchilli is the largest chilli company in Australia and are leaders in the food manufacturing industry. Founder David De Paoli drew on his experience in small crops and his knowledge as a qualified mechanical engineer as well as his passion for innovation to deliver fresh chilli nationally and aseptic purees throughtout the world.

The company is a privately owned, vertically integrated farming agribusiness that has been adding value to customers for over 20 years.  The business encompasses three generations of sustainable farming practices along with state of the art business management systems.  We supply multi-national food and beverage companies globally and with our unique processing and business approach, our fresh chilli varieties and  vegetable, herb and chilli puree products are now supplied and in demand in the Australian and global market.

We also have the ability to produce products designed to your innovation and requirements.
Our entire puree product range is produced and manufactured in Bundaberg Region and then aseptically packaged ensuring a fresh supply of ingredients with extended shelf life. This has revolutionised the way manufacturers can take advantage of  convenience and consistency in the ever growing food industry.

Austchilli Vision

"We are in the business of foreseeing opportunities, building successful businesses, continually challenging how we can improve ourselves and the world around us"