Pressure Fresh. Healthy and nutritional, cold pressed.

High pressure Processing (HPP)

A wide range of Fruit and Vegetables can be processed using our HPP technology.
Pressure Fresh

Imagine a natural food product that tastes just like you prepared it yourself, has a great shelf life, a clean label & is convenient & easy to use!

Pressure Fresh Australia offers the 'Fresh Alternative' to the heavily preservative dependent food service, retail and industrial food sectors. 
We lead the nation in commercially available High Pressure Processed (HPP) food products. And in Food Technology Innovations, pioneering Research and Product Development innovations for the future using this technology.
In 2006, Pressure Fresh Australia was established with a vision to deliver the ultimate 'fresh' consumer experience. Managing Director of Pressure Fresh Australia, Trent De Paoli has directed the commercialisation of High Pressure Processing (HPP) Technology in Australia encompassing a range of fruit, vegetable and herb products now available to the foodservice, retail and industrial food sectors. 

So what is HPP?

HPP is cold pasteurisation of foods at extremely high levels of pressure. The pressure is so great that the food bacteria are killed. Once these bacteria are killed, we achieve safe to eat food products with exceptional shelf life.
You may be asking yourself, why doesn't this amount of pressure crush the food. A good example is when you place a grape in inside a bottle of water and squeeze it really hard. The grape doesn't get squashed because the amount of pressure is evenly distributed over the entire surface area of the food. HPP works the same way. 
Once the product is packed into a bag, it is placed inside the HPP Chamber where the products are submerged under water (just like the grape). Hydrostatic Pressure is then applied to kill the food bacteria. What comes out of the chamber is a fresh, naturally processed food product! Just like the grape, it hasn't changed its physical shape.

So what are the benefits of HPP Technology?

  • In-pack, cold pasteurisation
  • No heat is used
  • Inactivation of bacterial cells
  • Retention of nutrients
  • Retention of natural flavour and colour

The picture below shows our HPP product on the left and the puree aseptic product on the right. Click on the picture to enlarge and you will see the difference in colour and texture.

HPP vs Aseptic

Our objectives are to deliver HPP food products that are:

  • Convenient to our customers and consumers
  • Healthy and nutritional
  • A Pleasurable sensory experience
  • Guaranteed food safety and security
  • Minimise environmental impacts and maintain sustainability
  • Tailored foods Price value for customers and consumers

Pressure Fresh Australia is manufacturing a range of fruit, herb & vegetables products for customers in:

  • Food Service
  • Retail
  • Industrial Manufacturing

The HPP Plant is also available for:

  • Toll Processing (customers send us finished product ready for HPP)
  • Contract Manufacturing (manufacturing from raw materials)
  • Pilot Trials (fee for service)